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Jockey Hollow Middle School

Jockey Hollow Middle School educates the students of Monroe in grades six through eight. Jockey Hollow is unique in that it is designed for pre-adolescents. This is to say that the teaming model is utilized in each grade with a total of six academic teams. The teams form smaller "schools within a school" to provide a nurturing and academically rigorous environment for its students. The philosophy and rationale for the middle school campus is to give children three-years together with a staff that is trained in middle level education and more able to provide for the needs of early adolescents. Teams tend to consist of 3-5 teachers that commonly hold endorsements in content specific disciplines. A number of teachers instruct multiple disciplines as their certification endorsement allows them to do so.

Jockey Hollow is also unique in that students and their families may choose to attend our long standing, high quality Main Campus or they may elect to attend our STEM Academy at our satellite campus at Masuk High School. The STEM Academy and Main Campus address the same academic curricula but the STEM Academy focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This provides an opportunity for students that have a strong desire and interest to pursue those areas of study.

All students who attend Jockey Hollow have a wide experience in the academics of language arts, mathematics, Algebra I, U.S. History, geography, and science. In grades seven and eight, students who are eligible, can study French I & II and Spanish I & II and/or Algebra. All students experience physical education, health, graphic arts, technology and conflict resolution curricula. Students are encouraged to participate in our band, chorus, and/or strings programs . After school activities are many, ranging from intramural/interscholastic sports to art club, drama club and beyond.

At Jockey Hollow School our mission is to honor the unique needs of young adolescents by providing diverse, challenging, and engaging instruction that develops independent learners and thinkers and upholds the core values of respect, responsibility, and integrity. Middle school is a time of transition between the dependence of an elementary school and the total independence of high school. We appreciate the opportunity to work with each child at Jockey Hollow during this emotionally charged and formative three year period in their life. Our doors are always open to parents and students. Please feel free to meet with us, or to contact us by email or telephone.

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